Pearlz eBook Series

Dr. Parmar and Pearlz

This Clinical Pearlz eBook series is our best attempt to get the most relevant evidence-guided and “pearly” information from our experienced team of writers to those people living with cancer, who need this information today. 

This monumental task of culminating the vast body of knowledge in naturopathic oncology has been accomplished through the tireless contributions of over 40 of the field’s brightest minds the world over. The primary authors of these eBooks can be found on the Pearlz website (

In order to provide the most comprehensive treatment options possible, the Clinical Pearlz eBook series provides treatment recommendations from experienced naturopathic, medical, radiation, and osteopathic oncologists.

eBook Format

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Description of Symptom or Disease
  4. Naturopathic Considerations for Treatment
  5. Conventional Considerations for Treatment
  6. References

Dr. Gurdev Parmar