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Arming Your Immune System with Dr. Gurdev Parmar

The Health Ignited Podcast is now available.

Dr. Gurdev Parmar speaks with Health Ignited podcast hosts Drs Nick and Sonya Jensen.

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Moss Report Podcast

Clinic Conversations: Canada's Integrated Health Clinic with Dr. Gurdev Parmar

The Moss Report Podcast is now available.

It was my distinct honour to have been a recent guest on The Moss Report Podcast, where Dr. Ralph Moss and I discuss Integrated Health Clinic, our cancer care centre, hyperthermia in North America, the Textbook of Naturopathic Oncology, our 8-year retrospective study, and much more.

I have long followed Dr. Moss’s work throughout my own career, so this particular interview is very special to me. I hope you take a listen!

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Fever Response

Understanding the Power of the Fever Response with Dr. Gurdev Parmar


There are many misconceptions about fever and how it works with the immune system. On this show, Karolyn talks to Dr. Gurdev Parmar who is a naturopathic oncologist and expert on immunity. Dr. Parmar’s new book, Arming the Immune System, goes into detail about how we can harness the power of the fever response to feel better and overcome illness. If you are interested in strengthening your immune system, you won’t want to miss this show!

Here’s the link:  Click Here to Listen

Dr. Dan Rubin interviews Dr. Gurdev Parmar - OncANP 2020

28 Mar 2020 Dr. Dan Rubin ND FABNO interviews Dr. Gurdev Parmar ND FABNO about the release of Dr. Parmar’s new book, the Textbook of Naturopathic Oncology: A Desktop Guide of Integrative Cancer Care.

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Naturopathic Oncology, What Does That Mean?

From cancer screening, to active co-management during treatment, to aftercare and survivorship. Catch a glimpse at this incredibly challenging and rewarding field of naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Gurdev Parmar, ND is co-founder and medical director of the largest naturopathic health care facility in Canada, the Integrated Health Clinic (IHC). He is licensed in both British Columbia, Canada and Washington, USA. Dr. Parmar, ND has completed an eight-year retrospective study on his treatment approach, which has been presented internationally, and has recently been published by Cambridge Scholars.

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