Pearlz Blog Series-Introduction-Cancer Symptoms

Pearlz Blog Series-Introduction-Cancer Symptoms


The role of any healthcare provider is to optimize outcomes for the patient, to ensure there are no contraindications to chosen therapies, to lessen the risk of developing long term sequelae, and to safely lessen side effects of conventional treatments. It is the last task, mitigation of side effects, that often motivates a person to seek integrative medical options. Thus, the practitioner must know why a given symptom or side effect is likely to be occurring, and what to recommend to safely improve the quality of life for the patient, without interfering with the efficacy of treatment.

There are many common symptoms that people living with cancer experience, many of which can be difficult to treat. In addition, there are several known and expected side effects from cytotoxic agents, radiation, targeted biological agents, and immunological agents based on the “collateral damage” to normal, rapidly dividing cells in the body. For example, the bone marrow, hair follicles, and lining of the GI tract are often adversely affected by cytotoxic chemotherapies, due to their rapid cell turnover.

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