Pearlz Blog Series-Introduction-Cancer Types (cont.)

PEARLZ INTRODUCTION – Cancer Types (cont.)

In addition to the integrative treatment considerations discussed in an earlier post, well-evidenced lifestyle measures such as exercise, normalization of circadian rhythm, proper nutrition, and stress reduction are foundational for all patients. The evidence suggesting benefit of foundational measures is substantial and the risk/benefit clearly favors implementing these basic measures. Therefore, data on foundational measures is not included for most cancers, so clinicians and patients are expected and encouraged to optimize nutrition and lifestyle in all cases.

Applying naturopathic strategies for active cancer treatment should always be done with the simultaneous goal of preserving and possibly improving conventional treatment efficacy. Communicating any and all treatments with your conventional oncologist, and/or prescribing doctor and pharmacist is critical during active treatment and beyond. The information provided in these eBooks does not replace the ongoing requirement for a licensed healthcare provider to assess, prescribe, and manage all treatments considered for use. If you are a patient, please share the information you may want to incorporate from this eBook with your licensed healthcare provider(s), so that it can be managed appropriately.

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