Pearlz Blog Series-Introduction-Cancer Types


The Clinical Pearlz eBook Series also includes eBooks on various cancer types, including their overview, causative factors, presentation, conventional management and integrative naturopathic interventions. For each conventional or naturopathic treatment recommendation, at least one clinical study is cited that supports the usage described. Each cancer is divided into two sections:

  1. Brief Overview. This includes statistics, types and subtypes, risk factors, signs and symptoms of presentation, and standard treatment options. This section is licensed from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and has been excerpted for use here. While portions have been deleted, none of the text has been changed or edited. Further information for each cancer can be found on their website.  The staging of each cancer, which can be easily found through online resources, has been intentionally left out. Histological characteristics have been selectively included. Risk factors are those for the initial diagnosis of each cancer. These risk factors should be considered for recurrence of the given cancer and addressed on a case-by-case basis. Risk factors listed below are the most well-evidenced and accepted per ASCO, theoretical or less well-evidenced factors are not listed.
  2. Integrative Treatment Considerations. This section contains agents evidenced to improve patient tolerance to treatment or their outcomes for the given cancer. There is a table following each cancer that lists the human data on integrative treatment considerations. In addition to these tables, there is a list of select agents that may be considered based on evidence from in vivo and in vitro studies for the given cancer. The inclusion of animal and cell data is meant to be informative, not instructive. Since patients may have multiple health concerns, knowledge of possible agents being used to address concomitant conditions may be cross referenced with this information.

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