Lung Cancer Screening Program

BCCA Lung Cancer Screening Program

by Dr. Gurdev Parmar

Integrated Health Clinic is excited to work with the BC Cancer Agency in promoting their recently launched province-wide lung cancer screening program, providing access to eligible high-risk people at 36 sites throughout the province, using CT scans.
The Lung Screening Program launched in May 2022 expects to start screening close to 10,000 patients in the first year of the program, increasing capacity by approximately 15% per year. It is estimated the program will diagnose approximately 150 lung cancer cases annually, with more than 75% of these diagnosed at an earlier stage than without screening.
Let us help you design an annual cancer screening program for you. Based on your family history, your personal health history, and your risk factors.
Perhaps more importantly, we can also help with a cancer prevention and wellness plan.
As the founder and medical director of IHC’s Cancer Care Centre, I work closely with my associates to provide these and many other services.