Naturopathic Oncology Residency

Naturopathic Oncology Residency

by Dr. Gurdev Parmar

Dr. Gurdev Parmar has now long been a residency director and primary teaching supervisor of a naturopathic oncology residency at here at the IHC CCC. This 2-year residency offers a CNME-approved post-doctoral training facility for Bastyr University in Seattle Washington, USA.

Dr. Parmar is happy to announce that his 4th resident has now started her tenure at the IHC CCC. Welcome Dr. Sarah Denotter, ND!

Dr. Denotter is originally from Ontario, having attended Queen’s University for her undergraduate degree. She then chose to pursue her ND at the National University (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon; also completing a concurrent Master’s in Nutrition degree. With a strong interest in Oncology, she chose IHC to continue her education in the challenging yet rewarding field of integrative oncology.

You will be seeing lots of Sarah for the next 2.5 years in Dr. Gurdev’s and Dr. Soles’s offices, in the IV suite, in the lab, learning the ins and outs of our cancer care model.

Welcome Sarah!